Everyone has friends who love music. It a common language that the whole world speaks. Music improves our mood, it starts a party and has a way of signposting our lives. The members of Undercover pinch themselves every time they have the honour to bring this type of entertainment to celebrations near you.

Music has been in our very being all of our lives and now we get to bring it to celebrations all across Melbourne. It's our passion, our calling and our goal to make your event memorable to everyone in attendance; one that make people turn and say "I've never enjoyed myself more!"

Our complete package starts with our extremely high standard of musicianship found in our advanced repertoire of covers dating from the 70’s to today.

It follows on to our upfront and inviting personalities that encourages and builds up the party atmosphere that both you and your guests will fondly remember.

Undercover pride ourselves in a tidy appearance and, naturally, use the most premium performance gear the market has to offer.

It’s now time to have a listen to our demos and read our testimonials. You’ll be glad you made the decision to hire one of Melbourne’s most professional and highly skilled cover bands for your event.